“Mission of Ihor Vitenko” brought help to Ukraine. Quick help

Today, many Ukrainian soldiers have an additional chance to survive: thirteen fully equipped ambulances and medical off-road vehicles have arrived in Ukraine. This is Charitable aid from Belgium, organized by the tireless Ihor Vitenko and his eponymous “Mission”. In Belgium, medical equipment, medicines and the medical transport itself were collected by various organizations – both Ukrainian – “Mission of Ihor Vitenko” and Belgian – charity organization “Stay Safe”, and even the Belarusian community of Belgium joined in – they equipped a medical jeep for the Regiment named after Kastus Kalinovsky, who fights for the independence of Ukraine.

Of course, the girls from “Ruthenia” were not left behind. We contributed to the fact that the caravan with help reached Ukraine happily, and Ivanka Tlumatska personally wished the volunteers a happy journey.

All medical cargo, together with transport, was distributed from the very beginning among various units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard and the Border Guard Service of Ukraine. Medical services from the recaptured Kherson region, which work essentially in the conditions of hostilities, received several vehicles.

Charity organization “Ruthenia” has been cooperating with “Mission of Ihor Vitenko” for a long time, and we hope to continue to do joint good deeds for the sake of our boys and our victory.

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