Dear Sirs!

We invite entrepreneurs and businessmen of Ukraine, Belgium and the European Union to take part in the round table “Ukraine and Belgium – new business opportunities” on August 6-7 in Brussels, the purpose of which is to establish new business projects and logistics between Ukraine, Belgium and the European Union.

All participants of the round table will be able to participate and present their products at our next event, the Ukrainian national “Sorochyn Fair” which will be held in the city of Brussels (Belgium) on August 26-28, 2022.

In the conditions of new challenges, the breaking of old rules, changes in many logistical and consumer requests, the need to hold a round table of entrepreneurs and businessmen, during which to discuss the urgent issues of the current moment in the field of business and trade, has matured. Entrepreneurship has always been a conductor of new ideas and options for solving the most ambitious and impossible tasks. The formation of the future was most often determined and implemented precisely by this community. Extraordinary decisions and their implementation built a bloody system of new interstate and interpersonal communications. Right now we are all at a similar crossroads.

Therefore, we invite you to join our round table and take part in its work.

The main issues to be considered and discussed at the round table “Ukraine and Belgium – new business opportunities” will be:

  1. The main challenges, problems and difficulties that have arisen in the environment of business and entrepreneurship at the current time.
  2. The influence of the main macroeconomic indicators on the activity of business communities and certain types of business.
  3. Prompt and timely response of economic, political and public institutions to today’s challenges.
  4. Separate examples of actual response to solving business tasks.
  5. Discussion of the perspective and possible options for the development of the situation in the business environment.
  6. Discussion of issues related to innovations in customs, licensing and legislative areas, business organization and entrepreneurship at the state and interstate levels.
  7. Solving private and individual issues between representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, concluding new contracts and joint ventures.

Sincerely, Lada Ortynska

Head of the international charitable organization “Ruthenia”, Chairman of the organizing committee “Sorochyn Fair in Brussels”.