Dear Colleagues and Connections,

As a proud Ukrainian, I’m deeply moved by the courage and sacrifice of our soldiers defending our homeland. In the face of adversity, they exemplify heroism, giving their all to protect our rights and borders. It’s a responsibility we all share, and one that drives me to do what I can to support them.
Years ago, prior to the current conflict, I co-founded the international organization “Ruthenia” in Belgium.

Our mission was to foster global cooperation for sustainable development and build trust among nations. Today, as Ukraine faces new challenges, our commitment to unity and cooperation is stronger than ever.

I’m grateful for the unwavering support of our international partners. Together, we’re working to create a platform for swift and transparent assistance to Ukraine. Our latest initiative, the “Cyborg Brotherhood – Veteran Hub,” creates IT solutions to connect veterans, volunteers, donors, and experts, ensuring those affected by the conflict receive the support they need.

Our goal is clear: to empower veterans, their families, and civilians impacted by war to rebuild their lives. From logistics to medical care, from psychological support to education and employment opportunities, we’re committed to providing comprehensive assistance.

I invite collaboration from government agencies, media outlets, businesses, and all socially responsible individuals. Together, we can make a difference and support those who have sacrificed so much for our nation.

Thank you for standing with Ukraine.

Our Partners

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Vasyl Kurtiak

Political Analyst International Journalist Founder «Bratstvo Kiborhiv»

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Lada Ortynska

Founder & СЕО Ruthenia

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Ivanna Tlumatska


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Zlata Kurovska

Business assistant

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Radomyr Kurovskyi

PR manager

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Yuliia Didur

Corporate strategist