Young artists present Ukraine in Belgium

A few days ago, we took part in a wonderful project that connects those who remained in Ukraine with those who left Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

We took 9 letters from young artists from different cities of Ukraine, whose exhibition is currently ongoing in the Ukrainian Civil Society Hub, and will later travel to Belgium. In each letter, a small sweet gift – a painted coat of arms of Ukraine.

Children who now live under sirens, and sometimes under shelling, write about their dreams and believe that after the end of the war, Ukrainians will return home. We wrote our letters back and sent everyone our sweet gifts so that they could spend a cozy evening with their families.

It was cool. We felt this unity. And one girl wrote her WhatsApp number and was very happy with Sonia’s message.

And while adults quarrel and divide into “the one who stayed is the patriot, and the one who left is the traitor”, these little artists give hope for the best and claim that we are one nation. And also that children are sometimes wiser than adults.

And I also know one thing – there are no safe places in Ukraine, the war is not over. And it’s too early to go back. Today’s news from Kharkiv is terrible – a family with three children was burned alive. And before that attack, there was maybe a beautiful walk through the snowy city, or a cozy dinner together. These people believed in the best, because they did not leave, as we did in our time. Although, it’s only a few stops from my house. Kharkiv, like other cities of Ukraine, is a deadly roulette.

God, protect our nation and our children as its continuation

Olga Shvayka

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