Photo from Azovstal on banners in Brussels!

Photographer Dmytro “Orest” Kozatsky from Azovstal

The RUTENIA charity organization appeals to you for active support of events in Europe for our prisoners from Azovstal.

Hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers from the Azov Regiment have been in Russian captivity for a month now. They defended Mariupol to the last and showed the wonders of military prowess, fighting in full encirclement. The Azov Regiment has been very skilful in beating the Russians since the beginning of the war in 2014, which is why the occupiers hate the name, “Azov” and have repeatedly shown animal cruelty to the soldiers of this unit.

In addition, Russian militant propaganda is harshly pouring mud on the Azov name, both in its domestic media and in international publications.

And the worst thing is that Russian fakes that Azov fighters are Nazis, Satanists or sadists are already well received by gullible audiences in Europe.

Russia has long and purposefully dehumanized the Azov Regiment so that Western societies begin to deny Ukraine help and support.

Our goal is to counter the fakes of the Russian occupiers. Because only the pressure of Western societies and Western leaders will be able to help free our boys and girls from captivity. After all, Russia has already declared all the Azovs to be war criminals, and they are preparing to kill them.

So we developed an action plan:

Our first event. Photo from Azovstal on banners in Brussels!

There is an agreement (early August) with the mayor of Brussels, to establish a large format of photos of our fighters from Azovstal on the big boards near the bus stops in Brussels.

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