Ruthenia at the Global European Forum: lobbying for the interests of Ukraine

The other day, our team was invited to the GLOBAL EUROPE FORUM, which was held in the European Parliament. The organizer was the president of Renew Europe – Stéphane Sejourne. The topic: “Global Europe in the face of numerous international crises” was proposed for discussion at this year’s event. Although on the sidelines, the guests called the goal of the meeting much tougher: “Let’s restore Europe or lose it.”

Global events, with which humanity entered the new year 2024, led the speakers and guests to such unhappy thoughts. Of course, these are primarily two military conflicts on the very borders of the EU: Israel’s war against Hamas terrorists, and Ukraine’s defense of its independence in the war unleashed by Russia.

It is very symbolic that the Global European Forum was held on the eve of the Global Economic Forum in Davos. Therefore, the results and conclusions from the Brussels European Forum will become the basis for developing decisions by world leaders in Davos.

Representatives of the European Commission and the European Parliament spoke at the European Forum, Ukraine was presented by the Vice-Prime Minister for European Integration Olga Stefanyshyn.

And Ukraine really became a top topic for discussion on all platforms. Everyone agreed that de facto Ukraine is already a full member of the great family of European nations. And these European nations are ready to make every effort to protect Ukraine, and after the war to rebuild and accept it into the circle of EU states.

As for our team, we saw old friends at the forum, met new people, and, as always, did a great job of lobbying for the interests of our warring homeland.

Glory to Ukraine.

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