New perspectives from the “EU business hub Brussels”

These days, “Ruthenia” established fruitful contacts with several Ukrainian-Belgian communities. We have become participants in the one-day startup camp “Incubator&Accelerator Seven Camp”. The event was organized by the EU BUSINESS HUB BRUXELLE business circle. And the event itself took place at the Brussels Committee for Work with Refugees from Ukraine (Ukrainian Voices RC).

In general, the association of business people “EU BUSINESS HUB BRUXELLE” conducts quite a lot of various events, the goal of which is always the same – to introduce Ukrainian business to European business circles and establish business relations between like-minded people, companies and enterprises in Ukraine and EU countries. In particular, the startup camp Incubator & Accelerator – Seven Camp is focused on the introduction of technological innovations and small companies working in the sector of advanced technologies.

But the event held on February 15 at the “Ukrainian Voices RC” Center was much broader – it aimed to present the very ideology of cooperation between Ukrainian and European entrepreneurship, in particular in the field of the future post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. In simple words, the event contributed to the search for future investors in the Ukrainian economy.

Business Hub “EU BUSINESS HUB BRUXELLES” is already a well-known and well-recognized organization in Brussels and has an excellent reputation. It includes not only Belgian businessmen, but also regional political leaders, Eurobureaucrats, cultural elite and artistic beau monde from both the EU and Ukraine. Therefore, casual events such as exhibitions or concerts organized by the Hub promote informal conversations and communication between the leading business circles of our countries.

Very often, various charitable and aid organizations are represented at such events. At the event held on February 15, the non-governmental charitable organization “FIGHT FOR RIGHT” and our International Charity Organization “Ruthenia” were represented in particular. There are many plans ahead and already planned projects. And they will be implemented, in particular, with those people we met at the EU BUSINESS HUB BRUXELLES event

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