A new home for animals who became victims of war

The international charitable organization “Ruthenia” joins the creation of a rehabilitation center in Ukraine for street animals affected by the war. The center plans to permanently house, treat and rehabilitate animals that have lost their owners, as well as stray dogs and cats.

Prince Laurent of Belgium

Laurent Benoît Baudouin Marie de Belgique

Your Highness

We are addressing you as a person with military experience and a large case of charitable activities. You know that in war there are always collateral victims, and among such victims, the most unfortunate are those who are not able to take care of themselves in any way, and rely only on the kindness of people.

In Ukraine, a large number of volunteers right now, in the coldest days of the year, are fighting to save hundreds of street animals, mainly cats and dogs.

The animals ended up outside for various reasons, most of them indoor pets, not adapted to being outside in sub-zero frosty weather in any way. Most of the described animals are currently under fire from Russian rockets, have lost their owners and remain tethered in the yards of destroyed dead buildings.

On average, zoo activists and volunteers discover two, often around three dozen, new animals of various breeds that need food, treatment, care, and often psychological rehabilitation after a disaster.

The charity fund “Hope of Ukraine 22” (Kyiv, founder Volodymyr Moroz) and the international charity organization “Ruthenia” (Mechelen, founder Lada Ortynska) have been helping individual volunteers to cover the current costs of rescuing and caring for rescued street animals in Ukrainian cities for quite some time. However, this does not solve the problem strategically.

The number of animals in need of care, treatment and rehabilitation is increasing every day, and there is an urgent need to establish a centralized shelter for animals with all the necessary accompanying infrastructure.

This project does not require large investments. After all, at the first stage, it will be quite enough to buy abandoned rural housing in the Kyiv region. One or more houses can be equipped with heat and a certain number of rescued animals can be housed there. Local volunteers are ready to take care of feeding and caring for the animals.

We, Your Highness, know that your foundation already has the experience of caring for similar shelters in Belgium, so we would like to ask you to assist in starting a similar project in Ukraine.

Hoping for your support

CF “Hope of Ukraine 22”                                                                   Volodymyr Moroz

ICO “Ruthenia”                                                                                  Lada Ortynska

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